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Poor people with telemea

Poor people with telemea

Prepare the dough: in a large bowl, crush the yeast and pour the warm milk on top. Mix well and leave to rest for 5 minutes, then add the sifted flour, salt, sugar, oil and egg yolk. Knead the dough and leave to rise.

Prepare the filling: finely grate the telemeau and mix with the liquid cream, pepper and dill.

The raised dough is spread in a thick sheet on the floured table, spread half of the filling, then wrap twice, then spread again with the rolling pin and put the other half of the filling repeating the packing process. If the sheet has cracked and the filling has come out, add a little more flour and knead a little more. Spread the 1 cm sheet and cut into the desired shape.

Line the stove tray with baking paper, then place the pans next to each other for 15 minutes. Grease with beaten egg whites, sprinkle grated cheese on top and put the tray in the preheated oven for about 25-30 minutes.

Good appetite!

PS. I slightly modified the quantities of some ingredients compared to the original recipe.

Video: Alan Price - Poor people O lucky man! .wmv (January 2022).